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The memories of the times I spent with you are shining like crystals
I looked up for my tears not to fall. I am not afraid to start a new journey

I will play a love song with an eternal harp
So the stars collected in the galaxy will always be lit

Beyond the distant horizon a gold heart is burning
Right now, I want to fly away

I loved our endless dream
I loved your smile
I was happy with our normal love…
Sorry, these are only stereotypical words
For example, even if time were to tear
“In this world, I love you the most”
love you forever…

Maybe the origin of life is a requiem called love
But to believe people is so very painful

I found an oasis at the furthest end of a sandstorm
If everything is decided by fate, then until where will I wander?

My feelings grow so large that I am left choking
They fly into the wind

I loved you so much that I wished for us to last eternally
I loved you so much that I cried on and on
I truly want to turn back…
If I plant my endless thoughts in the earth
Then a flower will grow in my heart
“You can smile, so won’t you smile for me?”
You’ll never cry again…

That, that kind of kindness that melts frozen tears
Your voice unravels space. I tightly hug you

I love you. I’ll love you forever
That’s why I will…I will…still
I want to reach you. I will cross over time
“Our story is at its ending but it will bloom fully in the infinite future”
I send a crystal letter to you, for a new beginning
Love & soul letter…