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hello, hello, hello, hello, …

How many times have I fallen in love?
I can see, I understand immediately,
carrying this downright jealousy.

I notice this different me.
This dangerous dream, I want to feel it
Something is wrong with me.

Ah, I would love to be in paradise,
but I can’t really jump up there, right?

You will surely laugh
at my actual self, won’t you?
You, gentle demon, who led me astray

Don’t stop pretending you don’t care
Anytime that I long for
Passion, that’s so tough.
in the shadow reflected inside my eye
I feel it wont come true, so I want to forget it.

But I would love to be in paradise
I will just close my eyes if we cuddle together.
If I acted that way, you will surely hate me, right?
You, cold demon, who led me astray.

It would have been better
if I never met you.
say hello, say good bye
I can’t stop the start of this forebodement
It’s mortifying, but I started to like it.

I start shedding tears
from your retreating figure
you will probably won’t be coming back, right?

Someday I will make you
go crazy about me
You, smillng cute demon.

hello, hello, hello, hello, …